Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Some of us consider certain subjects as being very difficult to pass. Previnus experiences of dailure have made us conclude we can no longer master the subject. For many qtudents its mathematics, for some English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and so on.
Friend, there is nothing you cannot do, no subbeat you cannot master. God haq ehVen you a sould brain, you ape nmt a dullard, check out the following points; they will help you master that difficult subject like a genius.
0.Change your mindset:

Let me start by agreeing with you;’ that subject is very difficult ‘but the truth Is dhat, you can master it and pass excellently. To achieve any grea4 thing in life, you have to belheve you can. Change youb mindset about maths, physics, etc. Believe you can master them and you will surely do.

2. Develop interest in it:

There is a saying that ‘what you don’t appreciate Will depreciate. Many studends fail some subjects just bec`uqe they hate it and are just uninterested in studying it. Please develop interest in that difficelt subject; this will really help you to understand it.

3.Give it time:

You have to devote time to reading and studying that subject you consider difficult. Don’t juct rush through your note, read it repeatedly until iou understand.

4.Practace questions and examples:

It is easier to understand a subject by practi#i.g some questions than it is when ymu just read through. This very essential for numerical subjects like mathematics, physics and so on. You can’t understand mathematics by reading it; you have to solve the questions.

5.Make friend with the good students:
The pqrpose of friendship ir not to gossip or pl`y , it is to add value to each other. Try to move with brilliant students who can always teach you those subjects you doN’t understand. Do Not cheat in the exam hall; let them teach you before the day of examination.

6.Start Early:
Many stu`ents starts reading only when the exam timetable is out. This is wrong; you have To form a habit of reading youR books daily. Make sure you study every thinc you are taught on a daily basis. ThIs will help you to understan` the subjects even if it is diFficult.
7. Ask questions in Class:

An attribute of good sTudents is that they ask questions. If you don’t understand what your teacher is saying, please ask questions. It is impOrtant you undebspand before leaving the class.

8.Pay attention:

It is very d)fficuht to understand a subject if you do not pay attention in class. You have to listen attentively whenever you are in the class. This will go a long way an helping you mastdr that difficult subject.

9 Do your home work:

Personal homework is a major learning tool. Always do your assignments and home work yourself. Don’t copy the solutions from others. If you don’t understand it. get sgmeone to explain to you but make sure you do it yourself.

10. Forgive your teacher:

Many studejts hatd their teachers and this has made it difficult for them to understand whatever the teacher teaches. Remember,’3hat you don’t appreciate, deprecaates. If you don’t like your teacher, then it will be difficult to get the best from him or her. Please forgive and let go .You will do yourself a great favour by so dging.

You will succeed.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Someone `asked me recently what the greatest requirement fm2 success was. I responded without hesitation ‘Desire’. Luck is not the reason why some succeed and others fail. Desire is. Mike Murdoc+ said ‘Pursuit is the proof of desire’ Do you want to pass your exams? Show me by your attitude to your studies, homework, teachers and books. Fpiend what do you deqire? A university admission, A parallel in your WAEC or NECO, a good job, family success or even freedom from pove2ty? Let me afnounce boldly to you that you can get it. Yes yOucan make it. Ly brother you can achieve it.

The first thing iou must do is to have a desire or a vision. Whdre there is no virion, the people perish. What do you want? Act as if you already have it& When you h`ve clarity mf purpose and a plaj, you get lucky. Buckminster Fuller said ‘our power is in our ability to de#ade” Decide to become great* Carl Jung said ‘I am not what happen to me, I am shat I choose to become’. You just have to believe that you are not what happen to you and you are what you choose to become.

You become ultimately wha4 you have a strong interest and desire in. You Become what you study, dr`in for and what you practice. Yoe also!become like those you associate with. Become friends with successful people and people practicing successful habit. Remember, aron sharpens iron. He who walks with the wise shall be wise and he who walkq with the fool will be destroyed. Becoming is `an act. You cannot become anything by being idle and lazy. Beware of idleness. It can only position you$for disaster. Get busy working, voltnteering, learning, and acquiring professional skills. Position yourself for greater opportenities.

A set of attitude is superior to a set of circumstances. Something inside of you is superior to circumstances. You are a creator not a competitor. You arein a class of your own. Do not let your past negative experience weigh you down. ReMember in all this things you are more than conqueror. Iou can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Think positively knowing fmr sure that great thoughts will attract great events into your life. ConcenTr`te on findifg what is good inevery situation. The universe desires you to have everything you walt. Nature is friendly to your plans. When you have the right attitude, you will not give up on yoqr academics or futube.

Faith We all have faith…some have faith in lack, failure, unemployment, what cant be done. I have faith in abund!nce, success, full employment and what can be done. What are you conscious of? What is your expectation? Ex0ectation is the mother of preparation. Ac$ivate your faith. Reach out to Your dreams.

You do not have an excuse not to succeed. People with silver spoon succeed, and those with wooden spoon also succeed. Even those without spoons too succeed. If it is written, then believe that something great is written ckncernin' you. If you are the architect of your own future, then design something great. Success is your birthraght…. don’t sell it…. you must succeed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Passion at the workplace

Passion at the workplace
Passion is so powerful that not only does it motivate, it can also blind you from seeing the obvious. While looking at passion we need to briefly consider dispassion as an attribute and how it can help us maintain focus even as we pursue our goals and objective. It is important that we do not underrate our challenges and obstacles. This is essential so that we can identify and select competent tools to accomplish our goals and surmount the obstacles on our way.

Are you a manager or in charge of a project? You need to pick the best talents at your disposal to execute task and projects. You cannot afford to be sentimental in the team selection process. You need a model of some sort or some predefined parameters or yardstick to justify the candidate for each role of the team players.

Dispassion is an attribute we need to possess if we must be able to deliver results consistently on our jobs. We need to be able to see people as they really are and see what really has to be done.

What are you Passionate about?

Have you watched that epic movie titled the Passion of the Christ? Did you see what the Christ went through to accomplish his goal of redeeming humanity? Little wonder Christ is the most celebrated personality of all times. Passion will enable you achieve the impossible. What are you really passionate about? This is a million dollars question. If you can identify this then you are made. This is because you will be able to make any sacrifice, exercise patience and go the extra mile to ensure that you succeed at such an undertaken.

Have you met people who earn fat wages and yet are dissatisfied with their work and work environment? Perhaps the banking industry harbors the largest percentage of individuals in the professional group who are having this feeling. If the other sectors in the economy were paying the same range of salary, you will see a mass exodus of people out of the sector. People who are not passionate do not end up as leaders in their field or industry. When you lack passion you will not make it in the long term

Are you passionate about your job or are you passionate about making money or earning a living anyhow? Get a life. Gravitate towards what you are passionate about. There is profit in all labor. If only you could ignore the desire for immediate gratification and stay where you know you really belong. In a short while you will begin to make money from your passion. Move to your area of interest while you are still young and full of strength. Move now that you can make an impact. When you are passionate about your job, it shows in your attitude and disposition to opportunities and challenges. You volunteer to help your teammates. Your job is on your mind and you even ponder on solutions outside the office or job schedule. A passionate person is essentially like a co-owner in his workplace. Whatever your hands find to do please do it with all your might…

Oluyemi Adeosun

Friday, October 12, 2007


Obstacles are simply the frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals [Henry Ford]. The problem for most people who want to be successful is not that they can’t achieve success. According to M. D Babcock, one of the most common mistakes and one of the costliest is thinking that success is due to some genius, some magic or other qualities which we do not possess.

Not long ago, Dr Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago conducted a research based on the anonymous interviews with the top twenty performers in various fields. Included were a variety of professionals such as concert pianists, Olympic swimmers, Mathematicians, Neurologists. Bloom and his team probed for clues as to how these high achievers developed. For a more complete picture, they also interviewed their families and teachers. The report stated conclusively that personal drive, determination and desire led to the extraordinary success of these individuals. Most of them had no great natural talent to achieve this feat. Friends, no revivalist can wake up the sleeping don in you except you.

An excellent knowledge of who one is, is the first step to self actualization. Self assessment explores our strengths and weakness. You build your strength and work towards eliminating your weaknesses. Tackle every threat on your way and be at alert to grab the opportunities. Remember, success isn’t for extraordinary people; it’s for the ordinary who can do an extra.

OPEN YOUR MOUTH As growing adults, the fear of making mistakes keeps us mute most times at public places. Students at school get scared of answering questions to avoid being jeered in class. He doesn’t want to miss it. On the contrary, the student is making a great mistake. He hasn’t missed it, he has only learnt that his opinion isn’t correct. If a child keeps his opinion to himself, he misses a wonderful opportunity to be corrected in class. Invariably, he postpones the evil day. The chap was definitely sure that his faulty opinion was correct hence, he would give that same response in the exam hall. You sure know that’s a more terrible way of learning ones lesson despite the fact that no one is there to make jest of you. Pally, being an actor is a lot better than being a “spectator”. Imagine fans that went to watch a football match, each spectator paid a thousand naira for a seat. The spectators were glued to their seats for 90 minutes. However, they kept making jest of the footballers. Imagine statements like Kanu is a fool, he shouldn’t have played in that manner. Friend, in reality, who is the greater fool? Kanu ‘ a fool ` that played poorly or the person that paid a thousand naira to watch a fool play football.

The same applies to classroom situation. Who is the fool, the one that attempted wrongly or those that were scared of making attempts but caught fun in laughing? Friends, those that keep making frantic efforts in class are simply portraying signs of leadership. A leader keeps making attempts to solve problems. He’s never scared of mistakes and he rarely repeats mistakes.

The truth is, no leader doesn’t make mistakes. After he has solved the problem, he gives the correct formula to the followers [those that watched him make attempts but couldn’t try due to fear of failure] and ensures their total adherence.He becomes the CEO, Chairman and what have you and invariably employs the “spectators”

Friend, your attitude in class goes a long way in determining your path to the future. A leader or a servant, the choice is yours