Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don’t Skip the Process

“There are no short cuts to anywhere worth going” Beverly Sills
The harder I worked, the luckier I get” Gary Player
‘Just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean you are a mistake” Georgette Mosbaccher
Saul was looking for his fathers lost sheep, he meet the prophet and he was selected to be the first king of Israel. He did not have successful career and he was not able to hand over the throne to his offspring. David was anointed or chosen to be king at age 17 but he did not ascend the throne until he was 30. He succeeded beyond measure. Joseph had a dream of greatness of ascending the throne at age 17. The dream became a reality at age 30. He ended up saving the world from famine.

Saul became a king immediately he was informed. He was not prepared for the role little wonder he was a disappointment. David had 13 years of preparation, likewise Joseph. I am too sure a great future awaits you but are you preparing. Enduring success is not a by product of luck or chance. It is product of investment. It starts with handling small projects and doing them well. It starts from serving from where you are. Are you a servant? Serve to the best of your ability. Are you a prisoner, serve well. Are you tending sheep then do it well. Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your might.

Please don’t despise the days of little beginning. Job said after my trial I will come forth as gold. Enjoy the days of training, the days of apprentice under a master, are u a join man serve with joy. Take every task with seriousness. Are u a student right now study diligently. Your present undertaken is preparing you for a prepared future. It’s important you put in your best into what you are doing now. Someone is watching you right now who can recommend you for a better job or opportunity. What impression are you creating at the moment? Are you sending the right signal? Don’t just excel with the task excel with a right attitude. Don’t complain, grumble or murmur. Enjoy your way up.

The pain of the moment will prevent a future pain. It’s a learning process. It’s making you a better person. It’s making you a tougher person. You can handle bigger responsible. Greater opportunities are coming your way because of what you have gone through. Believe me you will be grateful to God for the hardship you may be going through now. When you skip the process you will skip the result. Do you want a complete result? Complete your lessons. Greatness is not a product of half heartedness or mediocre efforts.

Beware of shortcuts. They only shortchange you. If the building will be tall, the foundations must be deep. The only thing you start from the top is a grave. Are you a career person, move up the ranks, learn, grow, and develop. Ensure you pay your dues. Earn your honor. At the end when you are at the top. You will be a grand master.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The First Miracle

Whatever you make happen for others God will make happen for you. The first miracle – be the miracle in someone’s life. I know we all need a miracle in our life. We want a stranger we don’t know to see us and bless us. Have you ever thought that you can be an angel to someone? You too can bless someone. No matter your estate at the moment you are endowed with something that if you release to your neighbor he will see it as a miracle. Check your wardrobe you will see clothes shoes you have not worn in 1 year. I request you pull them down and look for someone in your community to give.

If you are a distributor you will never lack supplies. A flowing river that empties itself into another river body is always fresh. Don’t be like a lake that is stinking because all it does is to receive and not release. Do not say I have nothing to give. If you can’t think of how to be a blessing to someone else right now then I do not think God will be able to release his blessing into your life. Are you looking for a child? At the moment start taking care of other people children. Visit the orphanage on a weekly basis and show love to unloved children. Start paying the tuition of children who cannot afford it. You will be surprised at how such good works will open your womb.

Some people are in the habit of hoarding information. This attitude will not take anybody far. Are you searching for job? When you hear about an opening, share it with everyone that you know can take advantage of it. Do you have an idea that can benefit someone else? then do not withhold it. Proverbs say do not withhold good from whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do it. One of my hobbies right now is looking for people I can assist. UACs motto is doing good. You have to realize you carry within you value. You are endowed. At every interaction with other people leave them better off.

Rob on positively on others. Simply complimenting someone’s dressing is part of doing well. Put a smile on someone’s face. Help a new neighbor settle down. Interact with that new employee in your office. Someone comes late to work, show some concern. Say thank you to the bus conductor, security guard or cleaner. Don’t take people for granted. Show respect to everyone irrespective of their status. These are little seeds that will open a great door for you. These are seeds that will save you from imminent danger. These are seeds that will set you up for an encounter with destiny. You will get information just when you need it. Help will always be near you….just because you are a helping hand yourself.

In the process of doing good, never let it enter your mind that the people you assist will be the one to help you. God will reward you. Ok! When doing good becomes your obsession then you will be more grateful for your present situation, you will be more positive about your future, you will begin to see what others cannot see, you will begin to act in a certain way, coincidences will begin to happen in your life bringing finances towards you, your efficiency will increase, you will understand how to go from where you are to where you desire to be. Do you need a lifting? Then lift others up. God bless your day!