Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was sitted in a bus one day and some guys were having an interesting conversation beside me. The were talking about a certain rich individual in their neigbourhood who they alleged was "very stingy". How can you know if someone is stingy except you go cap in hand to beg or extort money from someone. Can an individual be prudent and not termed stingy by others?

I challeged my fellow passengers on why they were castigating the rich man. I asked them if they were aware of the mans responsibilities and commitments. They all responded they were not aware. The fact is that if you think someone else is stingy...i guess you are the one with a problem. Begging is a choice. Irrespective of my position i do not beg for any thing. Have you not noticed that beggars always return to the same spot daily seeking for handout.

I am yet to meet someone who became financially liberated by begging. You need to move out of poverty mentality into abundance. Have you ever seen a grown up goat depending on another goat for sustenance? I remember when i was a casual labourer i ensured i lived within my means. I never enganged in the habit of asking my ogas(senior colleagues) for handout.

That you are a security personel or cleaner does not make you a beggar. Hold you head up. Do not bury your self esteem or pride. Go for solution not handout. When i meet a very successful individual I seek from them information, wisdom and knowledge. My focus is what they know and not what they have. Remember the beggars hand is always below. For a change this season do not ask your Oga for a gift. Buy something for him instead.

Do you need money? Then look for a problem you can slove. Ask your neigbour if you can wash his car for him or wash his clothes for a token. Thats a better way to get money and have your needs meet. When someone buys a new car. Dont ask him to buy drinks for you to celebrate it. Rather go ahead buy drinks and celebrate with the person. Work on your personal development and elevate your staus. Earn the money you get. Their is dignity in labour.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I really thank God for a beautifull year. God has really been faithful. I am greatful
for his mercies. I look back with gratitude. If i did not accomplish all my goals for
this year guess who messed


As a human resource and productivity analyst i am always fascinated by new approaches
to ensure that individuals give their best and get the best out of their labour.

what motivates people to work? Money appears to be a short term measure. Increase employees salary
and you may only get an insignificant improvement in productivity. Initially the increase
in pay may motivate people to work harder but after a while they get used to the new pay and
are no longer motivated by it.

what then can keep an individual motivated perpetually?

I read a comment on a site and i see a lot of sense in it.

"People in India consider 'Work as Worship' and this feeling has led to our success
in various spheres of life". Nitesh Gupta – a 22-year old entrepreneur based in India

when you realise that you work is an act of worship to God you will always put in your best effort.

you will even require little or no supervision since you will always be conscious of the presence of God.

Even if what you are doing now does not look like where you are you best.

"someone is always watching you who is capable of promoting you or reccomending you for a promotion".

oluyemi adeosun