Thursday, January 08, 2009


“According to statistical research conducted on the National Football League (NFL), what percentage of teams who score first win the game? My guess was 50%. We’ve all read about quarterbacks who have led their teams from behind to win the game. We’ve heard sportscasters discuss how many points are scored in the last two minutes of the half or at the end of the game.
So, I thought about 50% was accurate. Wrong! The statistics claim that 75% of the time a team scores first, they win the game! (No, of course I can’t verify this. I heard it while driving to Zig’s office one morning. But, the guys at ESPN Radio wouldn’t lie to me…) I’m thinking, if teams score early in the game, like say in the first quarter, then they are more likely to achieve their objectives”. zig ziglar newsletter

One way to fast track your progress this season is to score an early goal. Achieve some results in the first quarter. Set some “easy” goals that assist you in accomplishing your long term goals and achieve them. Success breeds success. Nothing succeeds like success. It is important in 2009 that you set the momentum to drive success in the major areas of your life. I am sure you have set goals for the year but I insist that you accomplish something meaningful or significant to you in the first quarter.

This will keep you motivated to pursue other lined up endeavors. For instance, you may have an academic goal i.e. a desire to commence a postgraduate programe this year. Get down to action. Visit or call the school directly. Talk to the head of department and make concrete findings. Don’t secure information from people who are not stake holders. Ask for a brochure or pick the form if it is available. Buy relevant text books etc. what I am emphasizing is the need to commit yourself to the cause such that retreat will be impossible.

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. ~Arnold H. Glasgow

Another step you need to take is to check your BEHAVIOR against your GOALS. What a great way to give yourself a “check-up from the neck up!” Each and every day, check your behavior against the goals you have set. If your behavior is not contributing to your succeeding in reaching your goals, then you need to adjust your behavior. You don’t adjust the goal, you adjust your behavior. If you are spending too long at lunch, then adjust that behavior.

I will like to round up by saying that if you courageously pursue your dreams, the best of your 2008 will be the worst of your 2009!!!

Oluyemi Adeosun

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It beats me when I hear people praying for a problem free year. I wonder why people seem not to understand that the major key to progress is problem solving. We all probably desire a promotion and yet we do not like to mount the platform which may include; challenges, stress, problems, additional responsibility, change of location, demotion etc. These are some of the catalyst that assist in climbing to the next level.

Responsibility is the mother of greatness. Look at the Chinese bamboo tree after it’s planted, it grows root for about five years and then starts to grow out afterwards. You need to deepen your roots. Whatever issues that are coming your way now are gym-ing materials to fortify you to be able to fight in the heavy weigh category. Don’t run from work and expect reward.

It occurred to me recently that my present strength or capacity is largely a function of the opposition I have encountered in the past. This season, when people are giving excuses why they cannot get something done look for the reason why you can do it. Volunteer for the task that needs to be done and every other fellow seems to be avoiding.

There is always a reward for service. The lot of those who always pursue the easy path is to envy the guys who volunteer to serve. David got national recognition by solving national issues. What type of challenges are you doing something about? It’s one thing to complain and it’s another thing to take appropriate action that can bring about massive improvement.

“The lot of those who always pursue the easy path is to envy the guys who volunteer to serve”

Never let the thought that your effort may yield a little impact prevent you from contributing your own quota. I am personally convinced that small changes can generate massive results. I have seen this happen over and over again. Do your best! Don’t follow the rest. You are a change champion. Justify the investment nature has endowed you with. Excel in your present posting.

If you are in trouble but you are aware of it and doing something to resolve it, then do not despair. The disadvantaged person is the fellow who is not aware of his challenges and as a result not doing anything about it. When you see obstacles this season rejoice because your promotion is been set in motion.

Always remember that we will succeed if we faint not.

@ Oluyemi Adeosun

Monday, January 05, 2009


Do not fear what they fear or dread what others dread. You need to take a proactive stand!

You cannot afford to go down with this economic meltdown. In spite of the present scenario, some people are still making profit largely because they are meeting needs. What is your focus? What do you see? I read in a magazine recently that the eyes gets thousands of signals per time and what comes to our awareness are:
1- What is entirely new
2- What we consider as a threat and
3- What opportunities/ things we are on the lookout for.

We have to renew our minds so we can see opportunities before they become obvious to many.

Some people will be selling because they are panicky but you buy wisely .This is a great season to rise to economic stardom. Do not go to sleep now that others are in a slumber. Re-strategize and fashion your recovery programme. You may need to reduce your consumption. Weed out non essential items from your purchases. In fact you may reduce your travels. Make any temporary adjustment to keep your head up.

You have to trust your guts and instinct. Do not seek the mobs approval to take an action.

Albert Einstein said "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it"

You need to be ahead of the crowd. Identify opportunities before the masses and take position.

All I am trying to convey to you is that: This is the worst time in history to stay idle in the market place

OLUYEMI adeosun