Monday, October 05, 2009


The way God hides and builds His people in whom He has planted the seed of a great future makes one wonder a great deal.
Why would God have to keep the strongest man or probably the second strongest man of the world in the slave yard of Potiphar?

He called him the man after His heart, ruled over Israel and he’s still one of the world’s most celebrated rulers that ever lived and while his contemporaries were ‘privileged’ to have the ‘homely’ pleasures, he was being made in the wilderness.
Would you believe the guy that was abandoned by the parent at the river bank would eventually become a great leader of the land championing the reclamation of the promised land after salvaging his nation from slavery. These appear like fiction right?

What of our brother? You sure have had a lot of him. I will always prefer being a Nigerian to any other African country. His journey to the white house appears so much like a possibility to you. Can you imagine a white man becoming the king of your village? Impossible right? How come you view it as a simple achievement? He drew for himself a great picture, believed in himself, overcame all discouragement and pursued with all his might.

The Nigerian press, government and people marveled so much that a young girl of Best Legacy Secondary School, Awe could compete with over two thousand (2,000) high school ‘bests’ from the world over and emerge third in not just any subject but the much dreaded Mathematics.
Friends, there’s so much to mention. Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Gani Fawehinmi etc. they all had beginnings that would have made them wish they were members of your family. Despite all, they succeeded.

A few things are common to all these people:
They were excited with themselves and believed in their abilities
They kept doing the small things they were engaged in and did them with all their might.
They did not stay back wishing they had the lot they didn’t have but, they made a good use of the little they had.
They discovered that success wasn’t by chance but a choice they had to make.
They took decisions at every point which involved making sacrifices today thus investing in their tomorrow.
They never sold their destiny.

It began to dawn on me that God hides His potentials in situations and environments that don’t look like where he has planned for them probably, to preserve them from predators. I imagine how much pain we give God when we don’t believe in ourselves but wished we had things prominent in others. Are we by any means different from the man with a talent? Won’t we be fooling ourselves expecting an outcome in life different from his’?
I will assume only men that desire a great future would endeavor to go through this piece. However,
Can you achieve your dreams despite your type of home and family background?
Sure you know in the nearest future your age group will control this nation, will you be in that team?

Your life should not be as a wheelbarrow that moves only as far as it is pushed.
Don’t join the long list of those who refused to decide but only act on other’s decisions.
It is a sad reality that if you don’t control your life, it will control you while it waits for you to make your decision(s). I have realized that we have to put an end to imagining greatness but envisioning the emerging greatness. I have come to the realization that God does not make mistakes, hence, making me a Nigerian, member of my state, locality, family and even the way I am is a scene in my script towards greatness.

Commitment towards my decision is the energizer. I need to be a little more careful about it. Probably denying myself of some temporary satisfaction for the “longer” lasting satisfactions. Otherwise, I’ll be more foolish than Esau. I will never settle for less.