Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Foursquare District Teens Summit

Join Wale Micaiah and Oluyemi Adeosun this Friday by 10pm for the Foursqure District teens summit. Theme: What is your Worth? Knowledge is Power!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NCCF Career Planning & Job Hunting Seminar

Join Wale Micaiah and Oluyemi Adeosun this sunday by 2pm as NCCF Yaba zone host them for a career seminar. Knowledge is Power!

TREM Business & Career Breakfast Seminar

I and Wale Micaiah will be speaking at TREM on saturday 28th of April on career strategies. Make it a date with us.Full details on the poster.

We will be in Unilorin Kwara state this saturday for the Wealth Empire seminar.

Details in previous posts.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Exemplary- Foursquare Youth Week Grandfianle

I and Wale Miciaih spoke on a theme Good Example last sunday 15th April 2012 at FourSquare Gospel Church Cement Bus Stop Abeokuta Expressway. Thank God for confirming his words.

Below are some pictures of the event.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unemployed or Arrogant?

I have interest in a farm somewhere in Osun State. I noticed that all the young people who engage in activities like clearing, weeding, planting happens not to be from that state. They come from places as far as Benue and Cross River. What then are the indigenes doing? They will rather engage in okada driving or sit idle complaining there is no job.

People like to do easy jobs and disdain menial jobs. Are white collar jobs easier than blue collar jobs? Well is it easy to acquire the credentials that make you eligible for a white collar job? If you have the credentials for a white collar job and can’t find any would you not prefer a menial job than stay idle?

I am irritated when i see young people beg for money. Why should you focus on what you cant do rather than what you can? Before you go and beg for money from that uncle or relative can you identify problems you can solve for him. Imagine a youth come to meet you and ask if he can do your laundry, wash your car and or baby sit for you and then compensate him with money in return.

Wow! Is that not a better way to earn money? Earn money with dignity. There is something about the money you work for. It is typically well spent. Even if I don’t have a task for you, my heart will be more readily opened to give to your pocket. Go with a value adding mentality.

I can’t be a driver, teacher, farmer, cleaner etc. It is beneath my status. Yet we see Nigerians with superior qualifications going abroad to engage in menial jobs for dollars. I have seen people turn offers for white collar job down because they say the pay is poor. Haba.......yet my people for Warri talk say at all at all na im bad.

Don’t despise the days of little beginning. How little can a menial job or a low paying white collar job be for you to prefer idleness to being busy and productive. Doing nothing makes you better at nothing – only!

Bury your pride. The first and important thing is to enter the game. Yes enter the race and improve your situation and status as you go.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

I Choose to Be A Farmer

People working on the biggest problems are compensated in the biggest ways. I don't mean this in a strict financial sense, but in a deeply human sense.

These words jump at me. Big compensation, I would love that.

Children typically like to inherit their parent’s dynasty. Oil companies, Telecom firms, Banks etc. Usually, they are hold management positions while their parents are alive going to work probably daily and learning the ropes of the business. However in the farm settlements, this is not so.

Enlightened Farmers’ children don’t accompany their parents to the farm. Recently, 2 farms were sold around the one i have interest and the main reason was that the owners were old and non of their children was interested.

Will that have been their attitude if their father was an oil baron or a Bank CEO?

I was reaching a group of 100 teenagers recently and asked how many of them would like to be framers and teachers. Not one soul raised a hand while almost all hands were raised when profession such as Law, Medicine, Accounting, Pharmacy, etc.

This meeting was taking place in a small town of predominant farmers. I told my students that “who will teach their children when they eventually have one? I know that somehow some people will be teachers because they may have no better options but is there hope for our Agricultural industry tomorrow?

I asked if any of them eat that morning. To which they all responded that they took breakfast. Are they going to have food to eat in 20 years time since none of them will be farmers?

I want to be a farmer. I have discovered a big problem I can position myself to solve. Yes I want to put food on the tables of the teenagers who would have turned adults, so also their offspring.
What problems do you want to solve?