Friday, August 10, 2012

Proud of Team Nigeria

We have been inundated with criticism of our Olympic Athlete. Tweeter, Facebook, Radio, TV etc. I don’t just get it. Where did we expect the medals to come from? If we have Olympics for other sectors in life what will our standing be on the medals table? Is it Power or Electricity like my people call it or Road? Is it education or health institutions? Performance is typically consistent across all facets of human endeavor. Are you surprised that the people who have the capacity to make nuclear weapons, go on space travel, science and technology are up there on the medals table.
Let’s come to the individual level? What’s your position in terms of global competitiveness? Are you a force to reckon with in your area of specialization? If you have not won the Nobel Laurel prize for your sector or gotten a nomination you are not even on the radar and have not earned the rights to put down our athletes. Can we put in the discipline of the world class athlete into our profession or calling?
If there is a sport called prayer am positive we will have won Gold, Silver and Bronze. It is time to take action. I asked my friends how many of them take their little children for Swimming lessons, tennis class, football clinic etc. Just a very few parents do. We think once they can go to school it is over. Can you appreciate the investment of the father of the Famous Williams Sisters? Or the mother of Oscar Pictoris (who has a double below-knee amputation and the 1st amputee to participate in the Olympics) who told Oscar early in his career that “The loser is not the person who comes last in a race; the loser is the person who refuses to run”.
The Nigerian athletes are not losers. At least they participated. What are you exposing your children too? Imagine what an excellent swimmer can do for our Nation come Nairobi 2024 if we just expose that little child to swimming. We are the government so don’t even bother to blame them. I remain Proudly Nigerian. @ Adeosun Oluyemi Theophilus

Friday, August 03, 2012

Opportunities for 2000 Graduate Drivers

This is the caption of a job advert that came out in Tuesday Guardian of 2nd August 2012. It really caught my attention and reminded me of an earlier article I wrote titled “unemployed or arrogant?” I wish I had access to the database that will warehouse the number of applicants. I would love to know the number of candidates who will apply for the position. Interestingly no class of degree or particular course was mentioned. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to drive! Just indicate your interest. Isn’t that what life is really about? Just Show up! It’s quite a while I heard about such a massive recruitment at a go. I wondered are they buying 2000 or 1000 new trucks (assuming 2 drivers per truck) or replacing all the present drivers who may probably be non graduates. If they are buying new trucks, while I appreciate the job creation consequence I also shudder at the thought of the impact of that number of Trucks on the existing road network (both traffic congestion and wear and tear on the road). If it is replacement of illiterate Drivers in their fleet then some people have to lose their jobs. So I ask, are you upgrading your skills, certificates and education on your present job? If not your job may be on the line. You not only need to do this to get a promotion you also need to do it even to retain your present job. I won’t be surprised if we start seeing Graduate Cleaners, Tea Boys, Janitors adverts. Graduate would mean more efficiency, less or zero negligence and more professionalism etc. Whatever the motive whether expansion or wholesale manpower replacement it is imperative there is a paradigm shift. Perhaps it is time to begin to see drivers in the category of Pilots or Sailors. At least they are all involved in coordinating the movement of a transport device from Origin to destination. Yes drivers deserve some respect. People are joining the profession for the sheer love of driving, enjoying different scenery and logistics in general. Yet someone out there who should apply for this job will say i cant condescend to this level! Apply for driver role. For those discerning enough to put in and secure placement I see them feeding their families and even end up holding other more prestigious roles in future as they apply themselves diligently to the Graduate Drivers Role. @ Copyright Adeosun Oluyemi Theophilus

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wale Micaiah: The Legend with a Legacy

Sometimes you are tempted to give up on your dreams when you look at the mirage of the bottlenecks in your way. When you hear the story of Wale who I refer to as “Woli” you tell yourself that you have to press on. From a humble background he has made rapid progress to an enviable status today. He had to work as a carpenter (like my Lord Jesus) to pay his school fees. He even had to cry when fees for exams were not forthcoming. Yet he pressed on. He did not say God why me. He knew that God loved him and all will work together for his good. At a time he made some money from furniture he made and sold to market women. To the surprise of his mother, He used all the money to buy books in spite of the fact that he badly needed clothes. All this he did even as a teenager. Yes we all have challenges but we can overcome it if we press on and faint not. I meet Wale about 3 years ago as a colleague in an organization we have both left today. He is one of my dividends (pay) from the company. I have been tremendously blessed merely associating with him. Together we have initiated and implemented projects. We have developed articles, programmes and facilitated at Youth and Adult empowerment programmes. We have travelled in private and public transport under the sun and in the rain just to reach out to others. Wales’s presence made all this fun. He is a good husband and a generous father. For his Childs 1st year birthday, he bought a mobile library and equipped it with books which include children bible, encyclopedia, science and fiction alike. If you ever wonder what type of gift to buy for him today a great book will do.