Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ownership makes you go the extra mile to see that the project is completed even at a personal cost to you. The owner of a project or company has the capacity to endure, persevere and persist until the goal or objective is accomplished. what are the motivation of an owner; it may include a] the desire to be rich, b] the desire to be independent c] the desire to leave a legacy behind.

What is the desire of the average employee? Is To collect salary at the end of the month? Is it to get a better job? Is it to learn enough business tricks and then go out and set up a company? This questions needs to be answered.

As an individual do you work only on instructions? Are you seeking only to please the boss and not the clients or customers? Can you actually write new businesses? Do you look forward to closing time? Do you initiate working extended hours to meet clients need? Answers to these questions will indicate the stuff you are made off.

Are you an intraprenuer? If you are, then you are one individual organizations will be fighting to keep. Intraprenuers are the equivalents of entrepreneurs but with the key difference that they work in large organizations.

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