Monday, March 03, 2008

Expectation: The big difference

What do you anticipate? I expect to be a victor and not a victim. I expect help, assistance, favour and joy. Expectation is the difference between great life’s and ordinary lives. Great economies and mediocre ones. Miracles respond to positive expectation. Disaster responds to negative expectation

I believe thing will work out positively for me. I will have a productive day, career, impact on the live of others. I expect things to get better, our economy to a willing person. A willing person becomes a lucky individual.

If you expect opportunities, you will be well positioned to take advantage of it. Look around, take a cue from the life of successful people and you will realize they anticipated it. I challenge you today to change your expectation. Your personal expectation is superior to the expectation of others about you.

I expect that very soon from now this stae will be the best in the nation. We will have the best road network, infrastructure, development, constant power supply, and lowest crime rate and infant mortality in the country. I expect that Nigeria will be the best county in the world. That we will be rated number one in terms of development. In fact very soon from now, Nigeria will be the definition of quality standard of living, law and order good governance and economic success power. A reference point for economic turn around.

Blessed are you that believes because that their will be a performance of your
expection. Performance is a function of believe. Remember david defeated goliath not because he fought well but because he believed well. As you embrace a positive outlook to life. I see things working in you favour.