Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 – Buckle Your Shoe

Perhaps the most important word in the coming year will be adjustment. To access the opportunities ahead, you need a fresh perspective to issues and circumstances. Some of the areas you will need to adjust include, spending and consumption, mindset, relationships, habits etc.

Taking finance as a reference point; the following includes increased cost you will incure:

· Toll gate fees

· Taxes

· Speculated fuel subsidy removal

· Higher PHCN tariffs

· Transportation cost

· Generator fueling cost

· Higher prices for goods and services

For salary earners, this does not sound good. Many people will not be able to get a pay rise except they change jobs. The business men can transfer some of the cost to consumers albeit at the risk of reduced business.

Last week my dry-cleaner tried to warn me ahead that he will increase his charges come 2012. I have since adjusted mentally. I now know I will do more laundry myself than outsource. My wife is already contemplating buying a washing machine to assist with that.

Yet this will not let me lose sleep. Neither should you. In 2012, I am going to acquire knowledge like never before. In similar manner, I am going to implement the ideas that drop into my heart with military discipline. Ultimately, I am going to add unprecedented value to all stakeholders. The leader in me will rise up and take charge.

Greatness is birthed in harsh conditions. I foresee unprecedented results come 2012. See you there!

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