Thursday, November 02, 2006


Personal Computers are meant for productivity applications, network and electronics mail (E-mail) for communication based business application. They are used for business analysis, allowing knowledge workers to be shifted into high-level thinking work about products, service and profitability.

Groups of people are using electronic tools to act together almost as fast as a single person could act, but with the insights of the entire team. ICT allow you have faster access to information about sales, our partners, and customers. We are able to react faster to problems and opportunities. It allows for accuracy, immediacy and richness of the information it brings to knowledge workers the insight and collaboration made, possible by the information. It helps to stimulate a concerted response by employees to develop and implement a business strategy.
ICT enhances knowledge sharing and helps to build on each other’s ideas in real time. You need a fast flow of good information to streamline processes, raise quality and improve business execution. ICT helps you achieve this. ICT give you access to data that leads to insight into your business.

ICT allows you to automate routine processes and allow employees do thinking work, not manual work. ICT helps to cut research from hours to minutes.
ICT also enhance work style flexibility. For instance, a web work style also makes it easier for people who have good skill sets but who can’t or choose not to work full-time. With the use of Internet such people can find work and opportunities and yet work from remote locations. Many knowledge workers will live where they want to live and structure the work the way they want it and still make major contribution to the business they work for or with.

ICT enables an organization to empower its employees. It makes workers to pursue life-learning skills, which will ultimately boost their productivity. This could be through training or even getting higher degrees online, we can develop our most valuable asset there is our brains and increase our intelligences. ICT according to Gates extend the capabilities of our mind.


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