Friday, May 04, 2012

Adeosun Oluyemi Speaks on Embracing the Big Challenge

Our Seed Time

I got the mail below from a friend, brother and partner. It encouraged me and i decided to share it with you. Enjoy. I was just thinking this morning and I realized we are in our seed time, and Enviable Youth is our Seed to the thousand we have been privileged to minister to. Many who were once confused have been set on a right path. Just yesterday, someone I advised sometime last year at a programme in Yabatech buzzed me on FB to thank me for the counsel and now works as a trainer with Aptech.
If we have sown then it is also imperative we reap. Do you think we also can be confused and remain so, unable to find a way out of our confusion? No. We will surely find help somehow by meeting other people who are in their seed time, encouraging us and providing the support we require. I remember all the Students, Corpers, Workers and other professionals we have ministered to and directed on a course of action which apparently is benefitting them so well; some have chosen a more appropriate course, gotten a job placement, changed job and lots are far better just because in convenience and inconvenience we journey miles, through thick and thin, night and cold, endangering our lives and resources just for this privilege to be used for a more honourable cause. You know sometimes; I sit and think, what am I in this for when many are making plans to better their lives financially, attending biz meetings, going to kill one deal or the other and apparently becoming better financially. But also I look and see much more who do nothing weekdays and weekends, leaving through life and coasting as it comes, I realized my effort is not to be compared to others, we all have different callings. Some will be king and would rightly serve as king, while some will only come to fruitfulness by being king’s adviser. I understand, beyond doubt that we are in our seed time, we are preparing the way for the future life we dreamt of yesterday. Therefore, whenever I am at a fix, I remember the finished work of Jesus and the sacrifices he has graced us to dispense and honour him in words saying “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”. More so, that the word of God never fails, it will work for us in every situation. We won’t lack help and counsel, our wives will not, our children will not. Before we call for help, many runneth to us in their hundreds just because suddenly the seeds we gradually sowed years past grows and show as fruits in our present and future. @ Wale Micaiah