Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How Is South West Represented?

I got this data from a friend:

What do you guys think?President - SSVice president - NWSenate president - NCNow speaker - NEDeputy speaker - SEWhere is SW?Are we now matured as a country not to follow zoning?Are we going to feel among as a region?Please let's discuss.

Below was my response.

When i enter a Bus from Lagos to Abuja. I do not ask where the bus driver hails from. All i am intereted in is a safe journey to Abuja. Before i chose a sit in the bus, it does not matter where my neigbours came from provided they are friendly i am cool.

Why do we not use federal character when fielding players in the super eagles or in the 4 by 100 relay race in the olympics?

Folks, i have personally gotten to a situation where i am in diffirent if all the ministers or principal officers are from Kebbi. all i want is sustainable result. if it takes someone from somalia to give us light please let them come on board.

I look forward to the day when we will have statistics like this

South west- Mike Adenuga
North.......Aliko Dangote
South East- Jim Ovia
South south-
North west-

Can someone please help me fill the blanks.

We need to agitate that people from our geo political zones should productive and not lobby that they be appointed into ofices. Let us compete to create and not to share what we have not laboured for.

The only questions we should be asking now is will the elected people deliver?

We will be proud of them in the days to come.