Thursday, October 30, 2008

Push the Faith button

“Your seeds are a reflection of your faith” anon

There are two ways to respond to any circumstance in life. You either respond with faith or in fear. The response you select is often the difference between failure and success in life. I will like you to note that your greatest mountain will succumb to smallest seed of faith. Greatness is the child of crisis. I see you emerging strong from this situation. You won’t go down with the stock market. I see you walking over the waters separating you from your destiny. Your attitude really matters when the going gets tough.

God is on the side of faith. Situations succumb to faith. I challenge you to exercise your faith. If there is ever a time to be a believer ……this is the time. Pursue your goals, dreams and aspirations. The severity of your storms reveals the size of the miracles enroute to you. The truth is nothing is as bad as it first appear. Ask Daniel in the lion’s den. Do not be overwhelmed by the seeming size of the obstacles.

Your miracle is not as far as it first appears. As a result, you need to forge ahead. You need to make your priorities habitual. Put efforts into your dreams daily. This is the only way you can unlock your full potentials. Concentrate on the success of every one you meet. Give someone a gift they cannot get anywhere else.

Sow your seed of kindness, love, time and talent. Your seed is anything that you have that can benefit someone else. Your seed can multiply. Do you have issues with your present harvest then examine your seeds. Your seeds are a reflection of your faith.

Faith does not give in to circumstances neither does it blame it. If you don’t like the circumstances that surround you right now then create the circumstances that you desire. Great things don’t start great. Persistency and consistency in small things is the greatness therein.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Road Map to National Development

“Anybody saying it can’t be done is liable to be interrupted by somebody doing it. Nothing is impossible to the human spirit. Just dare” Anon

How are we going to get to the promise land? This is the question people of faith ask. Yes the skeptics simply say it can’t be done. People of faith want to know their role. The part they have to play….their contribution. What is the roadmap to our economic breakthrough?

We have looked outward to long. By now we should have realized that our help is not from abroad. We need to look upward and inward. Real help is in our midst. What we can get at best from abroad are mere shadows and not substances. Temporary and short-lived reliefs are not permanent solutions. Charity they say begins at home. We need not fight globalization. All we need to do is to make our products and services global in usefulness and relevance.

Can you conceive a tomorrow where your shirt will not be regarded as modern or standard if it is not made from Adire or Aso-oke. I know someone is saying this guy has gone bananas. Believe it we need to adjust our mindset to change our lot. When GSM was introduced into the country they said it was not possible. An indigenous company made it a reality!

Do we need more respect then we need to accord it to ourselves. We need to stop going to international meetings with cap in hand begging for alms. We have got to help ourselves. We have to live within our means. The starting point is by appreciating what we have gotten at our disposal right now. All we need to do is to repackage and rebrand our products.

We have to break from this vicious cycle of poverty. Vicious by the way means self sustaining. It is self sustaining because it is powered by habit i.e. the things we do daily. We need to make a conscious effort to break into the cycle of wealth. This too is sustained by habits.

We need to change our consumption, investment and saving patterns. It is not really about how much money enters how hands but how much we are able to save and invest. Poor People or nations usually claim that they don’t save and invest because they are unable to earn good income. The rich people and nations save and invest a fixed proportion of their income no matter how meager or fat.

Another area where we need urgent change is in our housing and rent structure. In developed world, you do not pay 2 years rent in advance like we do here. Rent should be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. Imagine how much money you will free up for investment if we follow a similar pattern. I hope the house of assembly or representative will address the issue.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What customer want: Ten rules for building loyal relation

One size fits one by Gary Heil/Tom Parker

What customer want: Ten rules for building loyal relation

Take us personal make it personal

The average customer does not exist-

Get to know usThe details are important to us….they should be to you

Make everyone a relationship builder

Make our experience special: Give us something to talk about

Our time is important as your time

If something goes wrong, fix it quicklyGuarantee our satisfaction

Don’t take us for granted

We care whether you are a responsible corporate citizen.