Friday, June 12, 2009


You may be in a fix right now……
Yet am sure there is a way out of this phase……
Simply because you don’t know when or how….
Does not justify that re-occurring decision to quit.

In spite of the despondency
I choose to embrace hope
In spite of the seeming lack of incentive
I choose to make great attempts.
When the chips are down
Be the actor!
Its your opportunity to be a superstar
Lift up your head

You are greater
Than that obstacle
You can aspire farther
The limits don’t matter
Its in you the capacity
To cross that hurdle
That’s is why you are saddled
With responsibility
That appears overwhelming

I made it through
The last phase, mishap, tragedy, success
I will make it through this trial
My name will feature
In the Hebrew hall of fame

@ Oluyemi Adeosun