Monday, April 07, 2008


The life- span of a building is pre-determined by the strength of its foundation. A single fault with the foundation of a house might lead to its collapse. Likewise, a cancerous cell in the body system would eventually affect other parts of the body, if the cancerous cell is not detected early enough.

The same way science tells us that , a cell is the smallest unit of life, sociologists say that the family is the smallest unit of a society. Ultimately ,the family institution determines the sanity level of any society .An ideal family should live in a home where values are imbibed into a child .Every family’s role is to mould or shapen a child in the home and the child grows into an adult and give back to their society.

Whatever kind of input an adult contributes to their environment shows what kind of value that has been stuffed into them. Did I hear you say, really? Yes.Dysfunctional homes have been proven by family counselors and psychologists to be majorly responsible for the cases of juvenile crime and all sort of vices in different parts of the world.

If I guessed right ,you are probably thinking, no wonder we have leaders , teachers, officials who are corrupt ,they have no respect for the law and break rules to gratify themselves.
However, I assure you that there is a sure solution and it is quite simple .If only individuals would place high value and make the family institution the highest priority in their lives ,getting rid of self-centeredness or negative attitude in order to satisfy our spouse ,our children , neighbours ,what a peaceful world we will live in.

Imagine a society that is well structured ,where parents live with their children and nurture them in love ,care and support. The children grow as adults valuing other people ,putting others first and with excellent leadership abilities because they have seen their fathers lead their homes successfully.

Probably you are thinking ,is this possible?

First ,take a bold step. Decide that you are going to have a great marriage ,you will not cave in when there are challenges in your home.Once you have made that decision,remember that,”Petit a petit,l’ouseau fait son nid”. This sentence is a french word which means “little by little the bird constructs its nest.

written by Elizabeth Uwazota