Monday, May 08, 2017

Fan for Life

It never ceases to amaze me about the passion that folks put into football especially followers of the English Premier League.   You hear statements like “I beat you home and away”, “ I bought the best player in the league”. You wonder if the Shareholders have such passion. All the other stakeholders typically exit the club or move to other clubs.The fan is expected to be loyal for life. While it is good to relax and unwind, it is pathetic for any individual to know more about the history, statistics, strategy and prospect of a football club than the organization and industry they work. So, while you boast about the next player(s) your club is about to sign, keep boosting your competence level such that tier one companies will be jostling to sign you to their company.   Lastly, is it fair to poke fun at a player who earns Millions of British Pounds Sterling per week sitting on the bench while you earn coins struggling to maintain the 1st team shirt at work? Manage your passion. --  Adeosun Oluyemi Theophilus @tallestnaija

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