Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tips for Acing Interviews

Today I'd be sharing a few tips on interviews. Disclaimer: Points may not be valid in all circumstances. So the need to apply common sense in each context applies. 1. The best time to begin preparation for interview is when you apply for a job. The notice of interview may be short. 2. Read up the job description and ensure you understand what every function entails. Google is your friend. 3. If you know the company and industry, please read up about the 2 extensively 4. Ensure you always have an interview ready outfit always. Guys a white shirt, black, grey or navy blue jacket with tie is best. The color of shoe and belt must match. I.e black for black or brown for Brown. 5. Ensure you use deodorants and jewelry modestly. Getting the help of a makeup artist is not a bad idea. Chew mint before to ensure no mouth odour. Don't take anything for granted 6. Even if going for an aptitude test dress for interview. You may be invited for interview and then be informed at the venue of a test. 7. Aptitude test are not difficult. In fact if you are familiar with the primary common entrance it is easy. The key is speed by practice. Sit on gmath, gre, etc 8. Do mock interviews with working class people. Rehearsals are very helpful. 9. Tell us about yourself is the typical question. Yet the interview is passed or failed at this stage. 10. Your answer must be in context of the role applied for, the skills required for the role and organizational value and culture. 11. Where you come from, your religion is typically irrelevant except you are applying for a religious or ethnic role. 12. Please smile and be cheerful throughout the interview. It may show confidence or lack of it. 13. Look at the interviewer(s) during the process. If you don't know an answer be bold enough to say you don't know it. 14. Please study your cv very well. 15. If you say your hobby is reading and the last time you read a book is 2 years ago it will raise a flag. You can be asked to share on a book you read recently. So everything on your cv counts. 16. Some interviewers can be harsh, naughty or wicked. Don't loose your cool or composure. Eg. The interviewer says I hear people from your tribe are promiscuous or violent. It is just a ploy to see how you can handle difficult customers. (Note I have not said it is good for an interviewer to ask such questions). 17. It is good to prepare one or two good questions to ask. If you read up about the organization you will have a good idea of what questions to ask. 18. if you applied for a marketing officer role and you're asked where you see yourself in 5 years time your response must align to the role. Don't say you will be a Human Resource professional. Say something like in 5 years I will be an accomplished marketing specialist leading a team of marketers. 19. For questions around salary. There is no right or wrong answer. If you know how much you want say it you can add that you are open to company rate. 20. In conclusion, 50% of people who fail interview do so because they do not listen carefully to the questions. If they say list please don't explain. Twitter handle @tallestnaija

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